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Best-iest Mom Ever! Daze #37

Who is Moriartsy?

Who are any of us really?  😉  We are the sum of our experiences, the ingredients of our ancestors and most importantly the enigma of reality itself.

Moriartsy, with his unique style of Postmodern Pop Surrealism Motion-Paintings, which aims to release one new digital art piece per day for 365 days. Moriartsy combines more than twenty years experience as a Creative Director in Media & Entertainment but on the verge of poverty and being kicked to the streets due to the pandemic, NFT’s offered the a calling in digital art.

In July 2021, Moriartsy had 5-pieces accepted into the Stratosphere DAO NFT Show in Beijing, China – the largest NFT show in the world. The pieces were also featured in the Metaverse on the Spatial platform in a unique NFT VR art gallery. Two of the pieces “Hollywood Casualties” and “Plaid Reveal: Elon Husk” were featured and displayed on the largest NFT screen in the world, a 35ft. high screen to a crowd of over 100,000. Moriartsy was the toast of Beijing. In September 2021, Moriartsy became one of the first artists who had his work actually go to space! Aboard Space X’s Inspiration 4, the first ever civilian astronauts to space, Dr. Sian Proctor took her own art as well as Moriartsy’s piece “Child of Earth” to space with her in a special auction whose proceeds went to St. Jude’s Cancer Research. This piece has also been featured at Art Basel in Miami and was the centerpiece of The Sagamore Hotel in Miami. During Miami Art Week, Moriartsy’s other works were featured at Art Basel & Bit Basel and won Best in show in 3 categories! Moriartsy’s pieces “Balance” for Justice & Peace Award, “Heroes Are Those Who Make Peace and Build” (Nelson Mandela Portrait) for Equality & Inclusion Award, “Astro Chef Extraordinaire” (Dr. Sian Proctor Portrait) for Future & Prosperity Award.

Moriartsy and his partners at Schofields Flowers are opening an NFT Gallery in NYC. In addition to his personal works being displayed, Moriartsy is making big plays for prestigious art projects that will be showcased and premiered in their gallery in New York.

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Failed Careers
Possible Realities

Maker of the moving Image. Only need money to make more.

Print, Motion, Illustrated, Photoshop, or Painted my only limit is time.

Films, Writing, Painting, Digital Art, Motion Graphics, 3D, Illustrations, and Entrepreneurship... I'm defined by all and none.

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